Kick the cat

I crack myself up. Just tried to log in from work and I see I’ve banned our IP address. My message to spammers brings me joy, inviting their miserable asses to curl up in a ball and die.

Of course, I wrote that to my stalker after he slipped up and left a harassing comment from an IP other than a public library. I marked his ass as spam and it felt terrific

I know there are other ways to read me than by visiting. But it reminds me that there are more people who hate me who keep up with me than there are people who genuinely have my best interests at heart when they check in on me.

Anyway, I’m having what a colleague called a “kick the cat” kind of day. I’m detoxing from manic busy-ness and now seeing all the drama I’ve been too preoccupied to care much about.

What people need to realize is that speaking favor produces better results. When you talk shit about me, I seem to do more stupid things to prove their points. Ugh.

I spoke favor over someone today. I hope he receives it and that more love will go around this world today because of it. I guess it should be a “hug the cat” day, then, yes?

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