Kick ass. Every day.

One of my religious friends who keeps having major tragedies happen often writes, “God is great. Every day.”

I find her to be the inspiring one. Not necessarily God. Although I think that’s the point. He inspires us through others who can and do walk in His footsteps.

In any event, I have a list of complaints a mile long today, dealing with the inept landlord at work. (Like I don’t get enough of THAT at home.)

I also have a list of dreams a mile long of things I want to achieve when the office isn’t hotter than Satan’s asshole.

But the whole “every day” thing struck me. It’s not just a Monday to dread, nor a day that puts a foot up the weekend’s ass all Red Foreman-style.

(It’s an asshole-themed day, for the observant among yinz.)

Look. I ate my veggies today. Did a good deed. Did my job. (Am still doing it.) Didn’t react with anything other than grace, no matter what got under my skin last night and today. (And believe me, there’s a whole layer waiting for me to acknowledge it, whether with wine or words.)

I’m choosing to kick ass. Preferably someone else’s. But a metaphorical one will do for now.

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