It’s official: no one’s job is safe

I mean, The Donald fired Carolyn. Unbelievable!

Trump to Carolyn: ‘You’re fired!’

She was no longer focused on her work, the story said, citing unnamed sources, adding she was giving speeches and working on product endorsements.

Trump had had trouble reaching her recently as she had been away on a trip to give a speech, the sources told the newspaper.

OMG, what a DICK! God forbid she not be able to answer the phone for the 10 minutes it takes to give a speech. Lord, why not just chain her to the desk and keep her barefoot and pregnant, whydon’tcha?

I mean, how dare she go out there and have the dual benefit of furthering the visibility of the show and maybe helping her own little career a bit. *smack* Nothing like empowering people to do a job and then punishing them for doing all aspects of it.

Perhaps the next season of “The Apprentice” will seek to locate her replacement?

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