It’s all about me

I try to avoid talking about work (because, repercussions). But I have to say, I just got an all-staff memo that reminds us to be mindful about cussing too loudly and I wanted to ask why they didn’t just tell me directly about it.

I assume it’s about me. I assume everything is about me. Because, who the hell else is anything about?

I remember when a friend and I got in trouble in high school, and our parents got accosted on parent-teacher day by the foulest-mouthed pipsqueak of a “teacher” (and boy do I use air quotes for her) who complained about our language.

Let me say, I learned some new words from her!

The good news was, our families basically said fuck off to her.

In any event, I don’t have that strong of a reaction now. But I do want to helpfully say that if there weren’t so many REASONS to swear, I could perhaps curb it a bit.

Oh well. Cuss less, drink more. I am a problem-solver like that.

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