It’s a small, small world

Going with the “It’s a Small World After All” theme that defines Orlando, I ran into a couple of guys I met in Chicago last fall.

We laughed and talked and pontificated on the markets and the dying breed of customers we serve. We talked about how it’s a good thing we grew up in the field when we did — pre-Great Recession — because we actually had a chance to learn about the markets.

Now that we’re all too busy to breathe doing 40 jobs apiece, like my friend said, “It would be nice to do something different — you know, like learn what’s going on in the markets.”

Figures that the thing we love most is the thing we do least.

Good to know I’m not the only one with that complaint. For the past two years I dedicated at least one solid hour every night to catching up on what I missed.

Then two weeks ago I got so busy/behind/burned out that I decided to try to take that hour to relax.

I don’t know how to get back into that habit. I like that hour to myself. I think it’s a shame I can’t fit that hour into the workday part of my day … not without lengthening the day into that precious “hour to myself” that I’ve come to cherish so much.

The irony is so very high that a field that is dedicated to helping people to make money so they can better enjoy their lives, is famous for not giving its workers the time to enjoy theirs.

In any event, in more “Small World” news, they just hired my very first editor to work for them. I was so thrilled to hear that. He was my favorite, even after all these years. I like when great people get together. That’s when magic happens.

Of course, like I teased the boys, “Oh hey, more work! JUST what you needed!”

I think the reason I like to go to conferences isn’t what I learn about my field. It’s what I learn about the people in it. And that keeps me going, I think. The moral to this story is that letting Cinderella out of the castle every now and again is what helps her to return to it.

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