Isn’t that special

1. How to Go From Working 60 Hours a Week to 40 By Sending 2 Emails a Week

Seriously? I am thrilled when I get it DOWN to 60 hours! If I get it down to 40, I’m going to see a unicorn farting out a rainbow of sparkle dust. MY EYES ARE NOT READY FOR THAT.

2. In addition to ex-stefather-type, another of Mom’s illustrious exes is hurt he didn’t hear from me this year. And Mom’s uncle yelled at her for only sending a card and not calling too.

You know, for two grown-ass women who don’t have daddies … and to who these men barely pay a whit of attention throughout the entire year … you’d think they’d mind their damn business. And my own great-uncle’s daughter didn’t even bother doing anything for him at all.

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