Inconvenient truths of the 38-year-old single female variety

My great anthropological finds after 38 years (or 28 with a bonus decade) are as follows:

1. Men really just want someone they can rescue. Damn it to hell. I am weak. Trust me, I am ready to jump off a building if my area of Florida had anything over three stories tall. But none of my guys have been able to rescue me because I have a funny way of earning my own living and dealing with my shit.

But they LOVE lost causes (Little Whore on the Prairie, Raggedy Ass) who are helpless. And here I thought I was doing the RIGHT thing by not being an emotional or financial burden.

If anyone has evidence to the contrary, PLEASE tell me otherwise.

2. He is too nice of a guy to deserve a homely ass hoebag. But my takeaway here is that I deserve a guy who doesn’t worship a hoebag.

3. I’m sorry the GOP has a problem with single females. Sorry we outnumber the male population and sorry that we are aging JUST FINE without dumbass men who are either hung up on hoebags or are out banging hoes while their wives are at home. My takeaway here?

Thanks to Ohio Republicants now trying to defund Planned Parenthood (when you saw 67% of females vote AGAINST your candidate), clearly I cannot unsubscribe from my political feeds because you will continue to say and do STUPID SHIT instead of minding your own dick and going home and pleasing your wife so she isn’t out TAKING MEN AWAY FROM US SINGLE GIRLS.

GFY, all of yinz.

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