In which I should be working and not panicking

But panicking is so much easier to do.

So I’m writing a 40-page instructional course.

On a subject I sort of understand.

That’s due tomorrow morning.

Of which I’ve written 10 17 coherent pages (+ 1 incoherent one).

That has the potential to put me on the map or wipe me from it, however it turns out.

I love the 11th hour because I won’t stick to a deadline otherwise and I KNOW it, but I just think about all the time I lose while whacking off driving that could have been spent working or refreshing my fucking mind so I’d be more coherent to tackle this thing. Maybe if I’d just worked from home, I’d have done MUCH better with this project. *sigh*

O Creativity Goddess, come hither, old girl. …


Of interest: via Neil, there’s an article on modern-day marriages … to our vocations.

One Lonely Response to In which I should be working and not panicking

  1. trouble :

    Sounds familiar. I have one due today but haven’t finished a single page of it. But I do my best work under pressure.