In my infinite wisdom …

I never blog about work because I, oh, like having an income. (Especially after that pesky incident in 2004 in which we found that employers REALLY don’t like it when you blog about them. No matter how much they might have deserved it.) 😉

But I have to break my vow of silence to share with you what a fucking idiot I can be sometimes. Because today was a SHINING example.

I was asked to attend a very important workshop in a VERY chi-chi part of the country. I also very last-minute booked the hotel which, to my horror, was about three times the cost that I’d budgeted for. Yikes!

So, I had to suck it up and only stay for two nights instead of three. Because I had to leave room on the ol’ credit card to allow for that little thing known as FLYING there.

I fired up my trusty discount sites and was appalled to find that not only could I NOT get a nighttime flight on my hotel checkout day (I’d figured I could haul my suitcase through my sessions with me and jet home after the fact), but the cost was QUADRUPLE what I’d planned on. Oh, yeah, and all the return flights left in the morning, so I didn’t want to leave before the end.

So I, in my infinite wisdom, booked a one-way flight across the country. Because it was all I could afford. And that way, I didn’t have to leave at all! (*slaps forehead, in lieu of finding a gun to just blow out brains*)

After not sleeping very well last night after doing this atrocity (and hereby blowing my credit limit by a freaking mile!), I hung my head and went to my publisher today to ask for help. I did give him the option, though, that without a return flight, I could easily stay until the end of the workshop. 🙂

He graciously saved me and picked up the tab for my return flight.

The thing is, if I’d had any fucking brains at all (I will not tell you my IQ. You would never believe it anyway!), I would’ve booked the three nights at the hotel that I’d originally needed and I would have asked for the company to cover my roundtrip flight. But that required WAY too much thought — I figured, it was more important that I get there than that I come home. I know, ingenious! Hah.

In any event, I regret to say it will be a whirlwind trip, but at least I will be able to come home from it. 😉

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