In dreams

Or, potentially, in my dreams. And that could be glorious or sarcastic — at this point, we don’t know.

I wandered up to the apartment building I’d dreamed about, and holy shit, it was PERFECT. It’s true, the places that don’t advertise and don’t stand out from the road are the best ones.

The building got new owners this month, so they dropped prices by $100 and are starting even more renovations in the near future. But their credit guidelines are even more strict than every other place I’ve been to. Damn.

I applied. What the hell, right? The worst I’ll hear is a no, and the second-worst I’ll hear is that I have to put down one month’s rent. But since April rent is free anyway, it all works out. And if I leave the place in good condition, there’s always that chance of *gasp* getting a security deposit back!

In any event, I didn’t sign the lease on the other place, of course. I will hear later today whether or not I can get in at this new place. Jesus H, it’s like I’m job-hunting all over again. But this one is worth sweating it out — it’s that nice. And modern. And cute!

The washer/dryer are so tiny, though. I can probably wash about five pairs of scandalous underwear in a load. But it sure beats not having any at all. And the closet space! *swoon* The master bedroom’s closet is the size of a small den. I think it should be Maddie’s room. It was set up in the model apartment as a little yoga studio, so I’m in love, as I might end up using all that yoga crap I bought but never used.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding — I’ll just buy more clothes to fill it with! 😉

In any event, I’m going to just hope and pray and wait, at this point. And if I get it, it’s a sign of better days ahead. And if not, I go back to Plan B. It’s that simple. …

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