Editor’s note: I found this in my archives from around 2003 or ’04. Seems just as applicable today, as I’m still dreaming about it.

Imagine a workday in which, if you decided to take a three-hour lunch, nobody but you would care. Imagine not wanting to take an extended break because you are so motivated to get back to your projects in progress.

Imagine really giving 100 percent effort to your job — imagine what you could and would accomplish if you were rewarded, in whatever way, for always being and giving your personal best.

Imagine how motivated you would be to perform if you could just see how your good works impact your target audience. Imagine the whole world working solely to please their customers and not just their bosses.

Imagine not praying, every time your boss comes near your office, that he or she keeps on walking by and leaves you alone. Imagine being your own boss and being responsible for meeting your own expectations, which are usually better prioritized and much, much higher than the average manager’s, anyway.

Imagine being so inspired every day that you dream and brainstorm and produce until you are so exhausted that you are forced to sleep. Imagine looking forward to awakening every morning and not dragging yourself out of bed with a heart full of dread — imagine loving, truly loving, your work so much that you realize you love your entire life.

Imagine your income increasing every time you work harder or longer hours. Imagine your pay being commensurate with your efforts. Imagine having enough money in the bank to take a day, week, month or a season to yourself as a reward for how beautifully your earlier efforts had paid off.

Dream it and it will be so. Envision it, live it, breathe it, want it, need it … and it will come. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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