I’m starting to like this city

The big excitement of my day was having breakfast at Jack in the Box, so as far as Reno being a destination city? Is about the equivalent of telling people they have got to visit Rockville, Md.

However, this place is starting to grow on me. I cannot count how many times I’ve been hit on. By good-looking men. FBMs, as my friend would call them. I may have to move here — it’s apparently not hard to be considered attractive. 🙂

I parted with my rental car this afternoon. I’ll tell you, that’s been one of the best pickup props ever. I’ve had men telling me they were considering buying one, and they ask me how it handles and if it’s four-wheel drive and whatever. I of course was truthful when I said I didn’t even know how to put the windows down or switch the radio channel to something other than the Sirius hip-hop station. But I didn’t admit that it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to turn on the headlights. 😉 A girl’s got to keep SOME secrets.

It may not hurt that I’ve been hanging out at the sports book. I haven’t gambled at all because, really, why lose the money when I can go spend it at airport gift shops?

Of course, it figures that I gave up the rental car. Since then, there have been torrential downpours, and all the shit that we need to go to is within walking distance. *bonk*

Speaking of, we need to leave for dinner in 20 minutes and people’s flights are being redirected and the whole party is far from being on-site.

In any event, being in a casino is literally intoxicating. I just ran downstairs to have a smoke, and I feel like I’m drunk. Maybe it’s the jet lag setting in, or maybe it’s the insanity that comes with being in a glowing neon wonderland, but I’m ready for a nap and the really grueling leg of this journey hasn’t even begun yet. I was thinking of skipping the wine tonight, as it would be my first drink since I landed. But, hell, when have I ever turned down a good glass (or 10) of wine in my life?!?!

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