I’ll give you something to cry about

You know what fries my shorts? (Other than my heating pad for my back.) When people forward your messages and cc: them all over the fucking planet.

We got a new person to help us but doesn’t work directly with/for us. And I’m, as usual, being me and trying to be funny and real and honest, like always. And this person forwards my e-mail to all their “Bobs,” trying to get a gold star or something by asking me a question about whatever I’d rambled about. Which they could have done without adding a whole bunch of extra names.

Now, I have nothing to hide and I am always prepared for those people who are more fond of the cc: line than they are of building a relationship with someone who is actually trying to help them. But still it bugs me because I’m an information-sharer — the more we all know, the better we are at our jobs.

But if everything I say can and will be held against me just because someone wanted to be cute and show how helpful they are — effectively taking my heads-up e-mail to prepare them for something they haven’t been told about yet but that they will hear about because I want them to have informed questions when the time comes — I’ll think twice before injecting any personality into it next time.

I’ll own it as my mistake in assuming everyone’s as cool as my immediate circle. Again, no big, but I usually delete the original message if I feel the need to share something important I learned from someone else.

At least that one is better than the ones who want you to do your job AND theirs. But we don’t encounter people like THAT in a day. No, not at all. 😉

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