‘Idol’ hell

Something has seemed off about the “American Idol” auditions that aired Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I’d thought it was perhaps because I was watching them at work that they just didn’t have that same spark, but enh, that isn’t it. Then someone remarked that they seemed to feature too many of the bad singers, and that comment was spot-on.

In past years, “Idol” hopefuls have bitched that they didn’t get enough airtime during the audition phases — that we the people developed a love for our favorites because we saw them more and became more personally involved with their journeys. Whatever. I thought Fantasia sucked from the get-go and never exactly fell in love with her ghetto-fabulous ass. Hell, I voted for Jennifer Hudson that season till she got the boot (I think she, like Chris Daughtry last season, got voted out at No. 5, just going to show that we lose the best one of all during that particular week). I’m thrilled Ms. Hudson got the Golden Globe, and I have no doubt that Daughtry will go on to get a Grammy.

In any event, I don’t know if the folks at Fox listened to the whiny bitches who actually did get past Round One and decided not to show many (if any) good singers in this first week, or if there even WERE any good ones. The Minneapolis and Seattle auditions were tragically bad, judging by what we saw, and there seems to be hope for Memphis on next week’s show.

But yeah, I haven’t identified anyone with a shot of earning my vote this season. Hell, I think they put one screechy bitch through just so they could see her drive her fellow singers crazy in the Hollywood group auditions. Great reason, kids. Give Paula some more drugs, will ya? Fuck, pass them to ME … maybe it’ll help me to commit yet another season of my life to following this show and voting entirely too much for its contestants.

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