Idiots, morons and assholes, OH MY!

You, the planet in retrograde? OUT!


Things are going as well as can be expected, given the planetary situation, I suppose. I just want to know when the hell the ride is going to slow the fuck down because I can’t find an opportunity to step off and get some goddamned Dramamine so I can keep going.

I wrote 7,000 words in my NaNoWriMo novel and called it a month. I know, it’s only the eighth day of the month, but still. A girl’s got commitments and priorities that have nothing to do with being at home only long enough to do anything but scrub cat shit out of the carpet.

Re: all of you wonderful folks who are asking how The Grandfather is, thank you, love you, big hugs and kisses. To you, I can say simply that I drove past Mellon Arena with Mom and we saw that Ringling Bros. was in town with its circus, and Mom breathed how she’d love to see the circus. I told her to be careful what she wished for, ’cause it’s unquestionably a three-ring affair at the hospital. Today she admitted how right I was.

Here’s a conundrum — the hospital is so fucking dirty, he got all kinds of nasty staph infections. Which the doctor assured me on Sunday (Nov. 5) he was receiving antibiotics for. Which I questioned because they hadn’t had him hooked up to an IV since Friday. So today? These idiots ADMIT that they haven’t been giving him infection-fighting meds because a vein blew (huh?) and so he’s been left untreated with ANY meds he’s needed for the past week.

So the idiot doctor — I call him “Stripe” like the nasty character from “The Gremlins,” because he has a stripe of white hair running along his head like a mohawk — threatened Mom today to approve a procedure to put an IV site next to his heart. I was opposed to it — seems that all they keep doing is fixing something new they’ve fucked up, and what happens if/when they fuck THAT up too? The cycle never ends!!!

Not to mention, but they don’t want our input on ANY decisions, so why now? Because my grandfather refused to allow them to do anything without Mom’s input. As mom told McDorkbutt, “He’s a smart man.”

But she did agree, on the basis of him needing treatment and all, but damn. Idiots, sociopaths and fuckheads continue to roam this earth and hold important jobs — LIKE ONES IN MEDICINE — but it always feels like the truly good people have more problems than China has tea AND rice … and thanks, in part, to them.

My faith in things working out in the end is still strong but, admittedly, it’s wavering today. I was telling someone very special to me today that someday, we’re all going to laugh about all these problems in our lives. We might be laughing from a padded cell with restraints on us, but we’ll be laughing one of these days. …

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