‘Idiosyncratic Routine’

Princess Cat tagged me about a thousand years ago to get me to share five idiosyncracies. It’s taken me this long to figure them out because how the hell was I to know that I’m not normal?!?! 😉

1. Down escalators freak me the fuck out. I mean, holy vertigo issues. I don’t mind heights (I rather love them, actually) and I have no problem ascending, but descents drive me nuts. Given the choice, I will ALWAYS take the stairs instead.

2. Fashion nonsense is the name of the game in my world — I must feel dressed up and yet dressed down at all times.

I have a serious, psychotic adoration of denim and would wear it to work if it wouldn’t make the baby Jesus cry. But beyond that, I insist on dressing up when I’m wearing jeans (trendy shirts, shoes, blazers are a MUST, along with great jewelry). The weird part? I prefer to wear sneakers with suits. It’s complete and utter rebellion, to look classier in jeans than I do in a suit. I figure, I stuffed my ass into a pair of pantyhose — what more do people want from me? 😉

3. Singing with a Southern drawl — for the record, I cannot sing, but when I’m belting out tunes at top volume in the car, I somehow sound like a (talentless) country singer. The hell?

4. Indifference, even if only on the surface — This is less a quirk than a deficiency, but I am the person who stops hugging first, who walks away without a single glance over my shoulder, who kicks and claws for air even though that might be the very last thing on earth that I want to do. Not to say I won’t intellectualize it to death after the fact, but I have a very, very hard time being affectionate with people, and I won’t do it if I don’t mean it — and, so far in my life, I probably won’t succumb to it even if I do.

5. BUT … I can be affectionate with strangers. How odd is that? I might cozy up to people I don’t know and tell them my life story or pat their hands and hug them and playfully whack them if they say something funny. Take me to a happy hour and get me talking (that’s the hard part — getting me to open my mouth and not manage to insert a shoe or two), and it’s like all the pent-up thoughts and emotions exit at once. Just as long as I don’t have to see those people again, ever, or at least anytime soon.

And we wonder why I don’t have many offline friends. 😉

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