I wish I were a little bar of soap

At dinner last night, we got to talking about life and work because, well, for us they have become one and the same and the process appears irreversible in the specter of either no or cheap/unskilled labor and people who don’t learn/work/multitask as quickly or as efficiently — or with as much experience/knowledge/finesse — as we do.

Anyway, I said I have that chronic ache that I love momma so much but I’ve failed to take care of her. I’ve missed three apartment showings. I’ve never managed to make the personal phone calls I need to make to try to get her healthy.

But I’ve never missed a two-hour conference call or hour-long meeting. Whee.

My friend said something so smart, and so obvious … that I have exactly zero time for myself. How can I try to advocate for anyone’s health and comfort when mine doesn’t even make it onto my priority list?

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