I was right

I am not a fan of dating colleagues (anymore) because there is nothing like the moment when you find out everyone thinks you’re slumming.

Which, I guess is better than them thinking the other person is too good for YOU.

But anyway. I’ve often said that if I wouldn’t give someone a reference (and I don’t give many of those), I don’t want to be friends or anything more with them. Because, if I can’t fly with the eagles, I think going solo is better than having some do-do bird lead me crashing into a tree.

So anyway, I was talking with a friend this week (whom I would endorse). And I have to add to my existing rule to say “I’m not a fan of my friends working with people I date at other companies.”

I heard about what a waste of space a would-be suitor is. This came from someone I would trust with my life.

Which, there you have it. I officially cannot date anybody.

In my own twisted way, I guess I can say I was right to have the rule — I just never knew it applied to EVERYBODY in the whole entire workforce.

And I am NOT expanding my candidate pool to the “men without jobs” sector …

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