‘I wanna be home again and feelin’ right’

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m
Ever gonna make it home
It’s so far and out of sight.
I really
need someone to talk to
And nobody else
Knows how to
comfort me tonight.”

— Carole King, “Home Again”

So I found my dream apartment this morning, although it is only feasible in a dream world, financially.

This morning was marathon apartment-hunting fun, and it makes tomorrow’s mere handful of appointments seem like a picnic.

Today I am debating among:

1. The spacious and pretty place that’s way the hell out in bumfuck Egypt that’s ass-cheap but with the shady security deposit scam and the inept management office employees. Decent size and rent, two full baths and I LOVE the master bedroom’s layout. Basic cable is paid for by them. (Heat/hot water is electric, which I’d pay.)

2. The place where I’ve rented with the management before, like the layout and the location, but I wouldn’t have a washer and dryer in the unit. (But it does have a good rent special.) OK size, 1.5 baths and only pay electric, which is basically just air-conditioning. (Heat, hot water and cooking gas are included.)

3. The chi-chi place with the gorgeous layout, all upgraded appliances/countertops, two full bathrooms and the rent alone is (just above) one net paycheck. Fabulous location — a place I’d love to say, “Oh, I live at the (frou-frou locale).” One where I wouldn’t be able to afford to go out or buy groceries, but it wouldn’t matter because I’d be too busy loving the apartment.


I shouldn’t have seen that third one. Although, it is something to eventually aspire to.

Funny, I thought I lived in a midscale place, but everytime someone asks me the building, it’s like, “Oh” accompanied by a funny face. Of course, every place is tenement housing in comparison to the place I should be in!

If I had comments enabled (ha!), I’d ask your advice on whether it’s best to choose on the basis of space, location/convenience or price. Basically, I know I need to go for biggest-place-at-cheapest-price at this point, which is Option 1, but I didn’t feel at home until I saw the third place today.

Option 2 is across the street from the place I love, so I can be in the “right” area, just sort of in the ghetto looking at the place I’d rather be in. 😉 It’s nice enough, although a little too “apartment community-ish” (read: 200 apartments in a small patch of land, on a block that is one complex after another) for my tastes.

So basically, everything’s got equal perks; it’s just the price (time or money) I’m willing to pay for them.

I just wish it would come to me already, y’know? My intuition is telling me to hold off but to my knowledge, I’ve seen my preliminary “favorites” and I’m not sure I still believe in miracles that the “perfect” place is going to present itself.

Tomorrow’s batch are in yet another part of town, so all I can say at this point is that we shall see.

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