I think I’m done being mad

Generally I call people out on their stuff. But never in the heat of the moment unless I’m past the point of no return. And often that means justifying and/or trying to forget the offense when the rage abates.

I got something stuck in my craw awhile back when someone said that providing for their family was their priority. And it obviously wasn’t meant to impale a dagger in heart or anything. But it was a big reminder that I didn’t come first time-wise and I would clearly never come first priority-wise.

Put into context, which I try very hard to do, I realize people are just trying to define, uphold and maybe even give themselves some credit for what they do because no one else will.

I tried to, at every opportunity. Because I saw it and believed it when it came to watching from afar.

But somehow in the pecking order of things, your opinion may be held in high esteem but is it the highest? Probably not.

And that’s all you can really do at this age. Watch from afar the Things That Don’t Concern You.

Maybe I should start replying to the mass of 27-year-olds who reply to my online profile looking for a sugar mama. Only my sugar is Splenda and the only family I’m providing for IS my mama.

This dating-over-40 shit is for the birds, I tell you.

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