I swear ‘meme’ is the M in TMI

But that doesn’t stop me from doing them!

Meme swiped from Boutrous at Nookie Cookie:

5 Things in my Freezer:

1. Hahahahaaaa. New freezer, same contents. Remember this?
2. Strawberry Cheesecake Klondikes. Duuuudddee.
3. Lean Cuisines (about four of ’em)
4. Healthy Choice dinners (two of ’em)
5. FlaVorIce — so-called fruit juice in tubes that freezes up and makes a girl happy on a hot summer’s day. No, not like THAT!!! Jeez, get yer mind outta the gutter, people! 😉

5 Things in my Closet:

1. Kitchen closet: Pooh Corner (i.e., the catty litter box).
2. Bedroom walk-in closet: A suitcase full of you-can-only-guess what.
3. Other bedroom closet: Clothes that used to fit, once upon a time. *sigh*
4. Linen closet: About a dozen spa-grade toiletries I stole when I stayed at the St. Regis.
5. Front closet: Some artsy stuff my mom made for my new apartment (sssh! Don’t tell!).

5 Things in my Car:

1. 9 billion CDs, mostly damaged from sun or by tossing into the backseat.
2. Black mesh storage cube from The Container Store to catch said CDs and other assorted crap. (I hate a mess in the car!)
3. Stuffed Garfield, seatbelted in the backseat.
4. Garfield and Odie floor mats.
5. Nail file, lip gloss, pack of Puffs and sunglass case (all together under the CD player).

5 Things in my Purse:

1. Digital camera.
2. Cell phone.
3. Wallet (it’s empty).
4. Bottle o’ salvation.
5. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Nude.

3 Responses to I swear ‘meme’ is the M in TMI

  1. Boutros :

    You say Flavor ice, I say Otter Pops (Frankly, the more off-brand the better). All hail colored sugar water in a tube, sister. Ever chew off the end because you can’t find a knife or a pair of scissors? ummm… me neither… 🙂

  2. The Goddess :

    LOL!! Nope, never gnawed on the cheap plastic in a raging pre-sugar-rush fit. Never. 😉

  3. Sabre :

    My mind would have to go up a few steps just to get into the gutter … *smirk*