I should really stop being surprised …

… But I’m still appalled that Mandisa Hundley was voted off “Idol” last night.

America ARE YOU TONE-DEAF?!?!?! It was hard, but I forgave you when Lisa Tucker went home last week. Even though I knew she would be the one to go, I wouldn’t have minded keeping her around.

Insofar as last night, how is it that Bucky Covington, the country boy of the competition, sounded painful on COUNTRY NIGHT?!?! And he stayed on for another week? The hell?

And I’m sorry, that Katharine McPhee needs to go. Sure she’s got a good voice. But it’s like there’s nary a thought rolling through her unexpressive head. She’s painful to watch. And my local morning radio show revealed that she’s a Scientologist, which great — do we really need more of those in this world? Sheesh.

I can bitch because I voted for Mandisa a few times, although my votes for Chris Daughtry probably offset those. 😉 I was even willing to lose my beloved Taylor after a not-brilliant performance this week, but Mandisa?!?! People, please. Reminds me of Season 3 when Jennifer Hudson got voted off far too early and then Latoya London went home right after her, leaving the short bus selection for us for the last half of the finals. *twitch*

What really gets me is that I meant to cast more votes for Mandisa, but then I got so engrossed in “House” that I put the phone down and promptly forgot about it. And sure, Cingular is going to pull its usual trick that we need to spend even more money vote even more often.

Anyway, I have no doubt Mandisa’s going to go on to have a bigger career than all of them combined, and next week they’re doing the songs of Queen, so she got out just in time. And I’m glad Chris is around for another week as he will rock Queen like none other. And now without Mandisa on the show to split my votes, I’m giving Chris my full bounty of text messages — anything to keep some of the real talent in the competition. That and I am such a sucker for a boy with pretty brown eyes. :9

One Lonely Response to I should really stop being surprised …

  1. Silver Blue :

    I was kind of shocked as well, and then her “anti-gay” side was fully publicized. You know what happens to a diva when she turns on her supporters. Honey, she went out on her she-bang like a bag of week old cat litter filled with Maddie-Love. Best of luck to you, Mandorka, but until you learn unconditional love for everyone, and stop trying to be judgmental, telling me that God doesn’t love me for being the way that HE created me, you can rot in the bargin bin.