*I* should know better?

The more I think about my speeding ticket, the more annoyed I am.

The cop looked at my license and tsk-tsked at me. “You should know better,” he said.

I looked at him blankly. What, that I had five tickets on file for speeding already?

He repeated, “You live in D.C. You should KNOW better than to speed. You KNOW we’re out here trying to keep our streets safe.”

Although I was in a foul enough mood to say it, I did NOT articulate, “You should KNOW not to be a fucking douchebag when your dick is within punching distance.”

Douchebag. He should know better than to walk in front of a moving vehicle that’s going 50 mph and to patronize the driver. I assure you, if I could have found a way to “accidentally” run over his foot, I would have!

One Lonely Response to *I* should know better?

  1. chris hayes :

    Should have asked him how the whole murder, poverty, and drug trafficking concerns were going, and if your 14mph faux pa was as, if not more, important.

    Not that I’m against drug trafficking, of course.