I really really really hate this day

No sleep. When the banshees did let their screaming abate and I was lulled into a false sense of relaxation, they threw something heavy at the floor at 4 a.m.


Get to work. Place still stinks. I go find a worker who was supposed to be helping. He doesn’t help but asks me on a date.

Second one to ask.

Because, girl who hangs out alone all day is an easy target, I guess. I hate leaving the door unlocked but damn the stink in this building is enough to choke a whore.

Not a single ladies’ restroom is available on any floor. I have been holding my bladder all day — was supposed to run errands at lunch but no lunch break — so it was easy to reject the date because it was either that or homicide.

Homicide is still sounding like a great idea anyway. I’ve got a long list and a whole lot of anger to let out.

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