I probably wouldn’t have fought in the water, either

OK, “Grey’s Anatomy” — LOVED IT. But I’m not going to talk about the obvious. (Denny. *swoon*) I am, however, going to say how hot McDreamy was in his sweater (as he was out of his scrubs. *swoon*). But the thing I want to talk about is Izzie, because I SO get her malice toward George’s beard wife.

I personally love Callie O’Malley — I like people who are a bit colorful but who also rock socks at the core — but the situation reminds me of when people I adore seem to be enchanted by the most-offensive assholes they could have found within a 400-mile radius. I am the friend who you don’t introduce your significant other to, if you don’t want to hear the truth. I may not outright say, “Dude. For reals, yo?” but when asked, well, I will gladly answer.

I give the litmus test to see whether their new ball-and-chain will fit into the circle of friends. I’m nice (honest! OK, well, sometimes …) so if I think that you were smoking crack when you decided to add that person to your life, that’s probably what everyone else thinks, too. I might just try to phrase it a little more creatively because I want to provide a reality check, not a bat over the head.

This is where I give Izzie credit. It’s hard to stifle yourself when you think that it’s time to burn the rose-colored glasses, because the second you open your mouth to the contrary, you immediately become the bad guy. It’s like telling someone you just don’t trust their judgment, if they can’t pick the right person to be with. Like with George and Callie, it was either her or the Syph Nurse, so she was technically the only available choice for him. And not only does she work his friends’ nerves (and he KNOWS it), but then he went and MARRIED her, to boot.

You know, if your friends hate your girl, wouldn’t you want to diffuse the situation before it escalates into permanency? George, you’re gay and we know you have a crush on Karev. Why bring Callie into this mess? 😉

Some friends and I were having this discussion recently, about someone else’s new significant other, and it’s weird. We worship our friend and if there were anyone else on this earth with better judgment about everything else, we haven’t met them yet. So when they decide to shack up with the trailer trash, well shit, WTF?

You either distance yourself from that mess so that you don’t have to be continually bruised by the new person’s offensive aura (but you lose your friend) or you have to be honest and say, “They suck.” Because, really, you can only be offended so many times before you start eyeballing that baseball bat. 😉 Or, and this is what usually happens, you just shut the fuck up and wait for the new addition to show their true colors. Because they always do. You can’t pray for someone’s downfall, but is it wrong if you instead wait for it?

I guess the latter is what has to happen in life. And that’s what Izzie is going to have to do, to keep George as her friend. She doesn’t have to agree with his choice, insofar as the relationship doesn’t affect her. But when it does — it feels like the room isn’t big enough for everyone to fit into it. And if she’s wrong, she’s got to admit it, but if she’s right, she can’t say, “Told you so.”

Anyway, I don’t have anything profound to add to that situation — I’ll just be watching closely to see how it resolves itself. Maybe I’ll learn something. 😉

In any event, how sad that Ellis died just as Meredith was coming back. And that Denny wasn’t wearing his sweater that Izzie lived in after he died. It was an interesting take on death, with the girl who kept bleeding out, every five minutes. And that they really can’t see or hear us, but they can feel us — and we can feel them. I guess I just wish my loved ones could have had the chance to come back to life.

Anyway, re: McDreamy — does a girl have to die to get a man’s attention? 😉

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