I miss Chloe already

Janeane Garofalo’s nerdy, nervous “Janis” character on 24 is simply not cocky or confident enough to fill Mary Lynn Rajskub’s “Chloe’s” clearly too-tight shoes. She cannot triangulate on command — ergo, what good is she to Jack Bauer? Damn government employees. 😉

I probably won’t be home from work to see tonight’s episode of “24.” (We pack three meals for work on Monday, or else we will have our grubby mitts elbow-deep in Candy Corner.) But so far, the season’s looking promising, with great shots of D.C. landmarks and even a “news” clip featuring Fox5DC’s Brian Bolter. I give the producers props for paying attention to the little details like that.

Of course, those seem to be the only details they got right. C’mon, people. Skyscrapers? In D.C.? Parking lots? No gratuitous Potomac River shots, not even from National Airport?

I’m going to try to give credit to them for basing their layout of the city on wishes and dreams, so as not to compromise our “real” national security. But go check out WeLoveDC.com’s liveblog from the first two hours of Jack Bauer’s latest case of the Mondays for a much-more-detailed look at the geographical anachronism that is the new season of “24.”

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