I love it when people prove me right

First, see prior post: I Offered Someone a Job and I Regret It

So I get a voicemail on my work line, which comes to my cell phone. Now, I have told said candidate that you will not catch me at the office on a weekend. I also said, “Think about my offer over the weekend and we will speak Monday.”

So for him to leave a rambling, over-the-top voicemail on a line I am not answering — mind you, when he said he had to accept/refuse another offer by 4 p.m. Friday — cemented my nasty gut feeling that he wasn’t worth the trouble.

He said he might be able to make my numbers work (um, I gave him what he wanted) but he really needed to know the scope of the position. And he still has questions and concerns that he’d like to discuss.

I do not know how much more I can tell him. Because if paying him significantly more than the market rate for someone who actually has relevant experience isn’t enough, well I don’t have anything else to give.

You shot your wad, kid. Nice knowin’ ya.

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