‘I know you’re coming back; you never kissed me goodbye’

Another day that I hear a great song lyric and have no content to sustain it. Awesome. 🙂 But as it’s a Bon Jovi day in the neighborhood, it felt appropriate to use it. (It’s from “Maybe Someday”.)

I would say I came to an epiphany today, but instead it came to me. And it’s not a shocking revelation. It’s a realization that everybody I know is passive-aggressive. So am I. So, what can you do? 😉

The way I think of it is this: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We all frustrate the shit out of each other, but no one will ever do anything about it!

There’s an underlying seriousness that I’m not overly willing to think too hard about right now because I’ve stared enough at the computer today and I just want to go to bed.

But I seem to be in a circle of people (again, self included) who would rather irritate the shit out of someone to make them go away than simply ask them to leave.

We’d rather drop off the face of the earth than pick a fight/break up with someone, hoping instead they just get the hint eventually.

We’ll nod and smile at something crazy something says to us while agreeing with them through our gritted teeth, hoping they will just look at us and get that no, we don’t agree and quite frankly, we would like to rip off their ears and stuff them up their butt.


We also hope that someone will read our minds and come sweep us off our feet. That they will save us from whatever type of relationship that’s less-than-ideal with a grand declaration of why they can’t live without us. We pray that the universe will make the combination of conditions “just right” to allow miracles to happen. We assert that we will be happy “someday” … “if only.”

We’re all a bunch of fucking pussies, is what we are.


I’ve started to build a wall around myself. I’ve tried constructing it a thousand times, but it crumbles on command. But it’s time to raise the drawbridge because people will feel at home dancing back-and-forth across it until you threaten their asses with the shark-infested moat.

And see, that APPEALS to another passive-aggressive type — that makes the decision FOR them. Pick a side and stick to it, damn it. And choose well, ’cause you’re either going to thank or blame me for it. God forbid any of us thank/blame ourselves for the choices we would make if we had the balls enough to make a fucking decision, already.

Likewise, you’re not going to make some grand gesture to me? I can blame you, then. I’m here, ready and waiting. What’s taking you so long? Do you think I’m going to wait forever? (On Planet Passive-Aggressive, that’s entirely possible, unfortunately.) I may not be here when you finally get a clue … wait, where are you going?!?!


I am a pretty decisive person. Really, I am. I just don’t always show it. I don’t know why. I think too many people have taken advantage of my convictions and tried to use them to hit me where it hurts. But what they don’t realize is that if I feel strongly enough, I’ll defend it to the death. I just don’t feel altogether that strongly about too many things.

There are a few things I do feel strongly about at this time, but I can also be swayed by a pretty good argument. If Prince Charming is too busy bemoaning the fact that he picked the wrong woman to be his princess, I may just go hang with the well-hung toad instead of waiting for Princey-poo to get off his throne and pick the right woman who will be queen.

But only if the toad comes to me first, no doubt. 😉

What’s it going to take for one — or ALL — of us to break the cycle and actually get where we want to be instead of expending the only effort we seem to be capable of, which is trying NOT to dream about the way we envision things COULD be?

One Lonely Response to ‘I know you’re coming back; you never kissed me goodbye’

  1. Sabre :

    well-hung toad

    Would you please warn a bitch before saying stuff like that? I just snarfed coffee!

    On a more serious level, I think it’s all about learning that 1) we are worth so much more than we allow ourselves; 2) it’s okay to say that something is unacceptable and act on it; and 3) there are more choices out there. We get scared, and caught up in that bullshit of “I don’t want to be alone.” One thing I’ve learned is I’d rather be alone than be miserable. I’ve done it though, numerous times, hoping against hope that everything will just work itself out. It never does. You have to force the change.