I don’t mean to start rumors

Yet, I am seriously thinking Sugarland’s new song, “Want To,” is more than just a touch inspired by Mr. Jon Bon Jovi.

I was listening to it a dozen times in the car yesterday and I’ll admit, I alays thought those two had a little flirtation or maybe even a “thing” since they did some musical collaboration last year. Anyway, on the new song, there’s a lyric that makes me wonder:

“You’ve got a dream of a degree
And a shirt that smells like me.”

Now, I can name dozens of interviews with Jon during the past 20 years when he’s made the point that he’s only graduated high school — that life has been his educator. I vaguely remember a song lyric about it but I have 100-plus Bon Jovi songs in iTunes and I don’t have all day to listen to them to figure it out. 🙂

In any event, leaving behind an item spritzed with some cologne sounds like something I’d do, or ask someone to do. Meaning, someone’s gotta go and there’s otherwise no trace of them.

Or maybe it’s just the writer in me looking for underlying meanings that don’t exist. Or the writer is just looking for fodder for her new book. Whichever. Yet I can’t stop listening to that song now and wondering where Jennifer Nettles’ mind was when she penned that lyric. …

2 Responses to I don’t mean to start rumors

  1. Melissa :

    I wonder if you’re thinking of “Save the world” …

    I wasn’t born a rich man, I ain’t got no pedigree…
    but the sweat on this old collar, well that’s my PHD…

    Anyway, I grew up in NE PA and we say “gutchies” there, but its spelled “gauchies”….

  2. The Goddess :

    That’s EXACTLY the song, Melissa. Thanks!

    I didn’t know that “gauchies” is another term for skivvies. Heh. I learned something!