I did a dumb

I could say “I did a dumb” more than once in my lifetime (or day, although a day feels so much longer than this incredibly short lifetime does …).

Today it was selling a dividend-paying stock a week before the dividend gets paid.

Granted it’s one share and I really wanted to redirect that capital. But still. The stock was down 10 cents today. Did I need to wait a week to gain 14 cents?

In any event, I realize yesterday’s post was weird and cryptic. And it was really a reaction to being at the mercy of forces beyond my control and yet not beyond control. (Another dumb.)

I have a smart, though. I’ve been in a snit since I had miss an event at the Kravis Center and lost $100 on the ticket buy. Well tonight I have tickets (albeit cheaper) to an event I don’t want to attend (but it’s for Mom’s birthday), and I am not going to miss it. Even though I probably should because of some time loss yesterday.

That’s the attitude to keep in check. I “should” miss it because of some “things beyond control.”

If that has to be the case, I will give something up on Wednesday. Something that means far less. And there’s nothing I like better than putting time to better use than it normally would have been.

Dumb: 2. Smart: 2. That’s a win in my book!

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