I can’t believe this story is still ongoing

Suppose you went on three or four dates with someone. (Five? Six? Define “dates.” Hmm.)

And suppose you drank yourself into cirrhosis, to the point where you were either throwing up all over the place, making out with random strangers and/or dancing on tabletops. Each time.

Suppose the person doing the asking ABANDONED YOU at a bar because he was so through with your behavior last month. Like, you had to get A CAB back to your car even though you were going back to the same place.

Would you be as floored when said person called to ask you to dinner?

And would you accept out of morbid curiosity?

And perhaps wonder about the timing? Even though they couldn’t possibly KNOW what you’re up to?

I would say there’d better be an apology in it, but then I’d have to atone for those three or four disasters I caused …

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