I can waste time without help, but thanks anyway

I won’t repeat what a fustercluck it was to get my f’ing car inspected/registered in good old D.C., but the price tag was what got my goat, even more than how we have a fucking DMV that does nothing for you and you’re the asshole doing all the legwork.

So I roll in today and unstuff my overflowing mailbox (it’s been awhile), only to find a notice that I have to either get emissions done on my car (!) (for which I already paid $300 a month ago) or submit my receipt for it. Uh, there’s a copy on file at the DMV, assholes. If you know I live here, and you know my car is registered here, how the FUCK would I have gotten it registered without getting the goddamned emissions test done?!!?? That’s why it took so long to become legal!

Yeah, and their big stamp, “Return in five days”? Kiss my marshmallow cloud of an ass. I ain’t jumpin’ to do your job for you. In fact, I’m going to claim “senior citizen exemption.” I swear, don’t justify your job on my time — you’ve got the computers and the power to look up my ass and see what I had for dinner; I’m sure the local gubmint can at the very least run the fucking VIN number before they generate these insidious requests for me to waste even MORE time.

Bite me.

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