I can feel my IQ starting to recover

So we’re hiring. Four people, all told, this round. 

I extended the first offer tonight. 

Tomorrow, another. And two more projects to assign to two others to possibly hire at a later date. 

Mom said don’t hire anyone smart. Wouldn’t want them to outshine me. 

I said yeah, because THAT strategy works out so well.  I’d rather hire people who make me better than make me dumber. 

I’ve been delegating a bit to a great gal we picked up recently. Including being my anti-Anger Translator. 

And today she, the nicest person on earth, is like how do you deal with people who can’t follow simple instructions? 

And that’s why you keep hiring the smartest people you can find. So you don’t want to quit or to lose your prized people when they are ready to give up, too. 

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