I, asshole

I wanted to send a Faceypages message to one of my dearest friends of yestercity. So I typed her name into the search box and was shocked to see Whorothy (who I’m not even friends with!) pop up in the list before my friend with the same name.

Heh. Somebunny must have done a lot of stalking in her day!

*hangs head shamefully*

I was drawn to do a quick stalk. For old times’ sake.

Funny when you go dead inside, the snark doesn’t come as easily as it used to. I mean, the best I can say is that when you’re that old, you really should think twice about posting drunk photos. I almost messaged HER to say, “Oh honey, if you want to keep a classy guy or build some semblance of a new career, think a little.”

Of course, I reverted to self for a moment to wonder, “Holy shit, what if that’s NOT a drunk picture?”

And then I thought, wow, I hope nobody thinks I’m drunk in any of MY photos.

*scans photo library fearfully*

Seriously. Hobby. Need one that doesn’t involve Teh Intarwebz.

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