Hump(h) day

I was just in the shower, thinking how marvelously quickly the week has gone, when I realized it’s only Wednesday morning.


It’s kind of like when you wake up screaming but realize you’ve been awake the whole time.

Anyway, here’s some tunage for today. It’s my way of wishing y’all a happy hump day.

On another note, I was thinking how when we have wonderful weekends (as I’ve been experiencing lately), that makes the weeks seem kind of crappy because all the errands that normally get run are sitting around, staring you in the face (laundry, post office, cleaning, etc.) until another weekend rolls around.

But then again, great weekends give you the strength to get through a week in hopes that the next weekend will be even better than the last.

One Lonely Response to Hump(h) day

  1. Victor :

    Heh-hennh heh-hennh. Dawn said, “hump!”