Hump day (now with glasses on my face)

Wow my attempt at typing this while I ordered a bacon sandwich was pretty awful. (Although the sandwich was delicious.)

Let’s try this again.


Big things are happening today

And nobody else got the memo. 

I’m dodging just about everybody. Except the gal who helps me. She’s awesome.

I gave her some projects that she could choose to delegate. She said no. Faster to just do them herself.

I know the feeling.

Now I am avoiding people who trusted me.

What I need is for them to get the hint that was sent to them.

And I look like a twit in the meantime.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t lose that title for a long time to come even after clarity is reached.

A 9:30 exit is looking like a pipe dream. And now that I learned I have to be there before 8:30, well, fukkitbucket.

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