How I feel today

Like a big ol’ bag of flaming poo:

Between the shit going on with my grandfather (I am going to sue Veteran’s Hospital someday. You will hear about it here first. That’s all I am going to say about it), my mom losing her cookies and my best friend telling me something HUGE after the fact (something for which I could/SHOULD have been there for her but she wrote it off as I’m “too busy to deal” with her stuff), I’m seriously going to explode.

Like a flaming bag of poo.

Tread carefully, for I shall splatter.

2 Responses to How I feel today

  1. Evil Genius :

    I’ve had more days like this than I care too lately. I hate them!!

    I hope things get better soon.

  2. Tiff :

    Hang in there, girl. Chalk it up to your friend not wanting to ask you to give more of yourself when you’re stretched so thin already. You’re someone who wants to be there for all the important people in your life, but sometimes the important people don’t want to ask you for it because they KNOW you’ll give what you can’t spare.