Hour 15 of my captivity

Whee tomorrow I get to go before the firing squad and account for all the work I don’t get done in my 75-ish hours of work. Can’t wait.

As I enter hour 15 of this awesome day, I am allowing myself a brain break to read something I need to read that does not involve demands from seven thousand people. You know. For a change.

I won’t remember that it’s been over a month since a little something I like to call (…), or how many inane e-mails I can exchange with Evil Landlady 6 in one day, or just how much construction I can stand and how it still beats yesterday with no functioning air conditioning.

Instead I will remember this:

If something isn’t working, don’t try harder or do more. Do something different.”

Ironic to read it before going right back to the digital grindstone. But, you know, for lack of time and ability to go have a few hours’ worth of angry sex because I have to do work tonight so I can accommodate all my meetings tomorrow, it’s my only release.

That and Jack Daniels. My only reliable lover.

Speaking of, my phone was ringing off the wall today from someone I don’t want to hear from. Three calls, a text and an IM, to be specific. Maybe I’m not the only one who needs a warm body. Hmmm.

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