‘Home again, and feeling right’

South for the winter

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Busy lil bee these days. I find myself not having enough time to accommodate all the work and play, which in my book is a Good Thing.

A beloved friend from D.C. (via Baltimore) moved down here and we took on the town last night. We went for a drink, we met cute boys, we had a great meal and, overall, we reveled in ocean-town life and how vastly improved it is from our Maryland motherland.

I think last night was the first time I ever referred to Florida as home. I have no doubt that it was knowing I have a friend who works down the street and also lives a few miles down on the same street I’m on.

I realized I’d simply forgotten to have fun. I suppose it’s something I have to put on my to-do list, somewhere between “write/edit this” and “publish that” and “don’t hit ‘snooze’ too many times.”

But in any event, I had fun and it wasn’t even scheduled, so I will have to do more of that! So good to be reminded. …

I often talk about “God encounters” and the people I meet when I might or might not realize I need them. And last night, we were that — I think — to a wonderful guy we met at the bar who was waiting for his date to arrive.

I had invited him to lean in and order his Jameson and water, as he wasn’t getting any love from the uber-busy bartenders. We got to talking and we learned he had fought hard to get to what was about to be his second date with someone he hasn’t seen in six weeks.

He told us a funny, embarrassing little story and asked if he should break the ice with his date with that. We gave him a resounding “no” but we did enjoy it — it just wasn’t second-date material.

He had gotten there way early to check out the place (and she was running late). He seemed very nervous and almost like he doubted that the night would be a success. My god, if he weren’t meeting another woman there. … *pant* *drool*

Anyway, our table became available and my friend went to grab it. I settled at the bar and wished him luck. I told him that we’d be there for a few hours if it didn’t work out the way he hoped — we’d be glad to welcome him back. He was relieved and grateful.

It was one of those moments when I wished I had handed him my business card (is that Eau de Desperation that you smell? Yes plz!), but I was content in knowing that he needed his confidence built up, and we did exactly that.

I also told him what to order, as I am sort of a regular and I have tried everything on the menu, extensive drink menu included. 😉

I did try to find him before we left, just to see whether she showed up and if he looked to be having a good time. The place was packed and I canvassed most of it, but they weren’t to be found.

Perhaps their table was hidden outside, behind the restaurant, as many eateries in our land will provide tables and tiki torches for miles.

In any event, we were sending David from Fort Lauderdale good vibes, and I hope he got his coveted third date. Moreover, I hope she’s really worth it, because I’ve had a hell of a time meeting “good” guys like him in this area and I hope that these rare jewels end up with someone who deserves them.

Hopefully next time, we’ll meet someone just like him, who has eyes only for us. …

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