Holy humidity, Batman

Behold a sneak preview of the dog’s-breath days of summer. Sweet sweltering Jesus, we’re *down* to a temperature 86 degrees, which would be fine if we weren’t situated in the former swampland-turned-cesspool known as the nation’s capital.

I finally broke down and turned on my A/C Monday night, after lying inert in a puddle of my own drool throughout the day. It’s great now — the cats have stopped whining, although I hate not having windows open because those kids take some epic shits, I tell you. The kalidescope of cat funk is intermingling with my La-Tee-Da effusion lamp (currently burning Now & Zen) and making me ill.

But boy howdy, I dread the gas bill now, as I have the thermostat set just below 80 degrees and the A/C, in two days, has yet to automatically shut itself off because the house can’t stay cool. And it’s in the shade, too. Splendid.

One Lonely Response to Holy humidity, Batman

  1. Sabre :

    I held off for as long as I could, but when my beloved boy came up from Florida of all places, he cried that he was melting and I broke down and turned it on for him.

    I am such a wimp 🙁