Hoe on the go

My next work trip is closing in and, alas, the angels are singing hallelujah because I was just asked to go a day earlier than scheduled. Mostly because Goddess likes the airlines to believe she’s a terrorist because she doesn’t buy her ticket until two days before takeoff.

Alas, as the only soul who hadn’t yet made a reservation, I was the obvious choice to go out and get the party started set up. And thank God — the sooner I can start using the corporate card, the happier I will be. And when I come back? Many hangovers Payday will have occurred. w00t!

I’m just glad because I had wanted so badly to book a few extra days but, alas, I’m not exactly cash-flow-positive. So, hurrah, I get to work remotely, but it’s also time (mostly) to myself before the rest of the team arrives. Am psychotically in love with this job today.

Good thing I didn’t unpack much from my last trip!

Speaking of being a hoe on the go, I’m uploading 90 photos of Lake Tahoe to Flickr as I type this. Check ’em out!

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