‘Her dizzy head is conscience-laden’

“Driving faster in my car
Falling faster from just what we are
Smoke a cigarette and lie some more
These conversations kill
Falling faster in my car.”

— Stone Temple Pilots, “Big Empty”

I can’t believe Weiland is dead. I mean, I can. But damn. 

He is one of the voices from my college years. I’ll never forget how I felt while I played STP on the jukebox at San Remo’s. Or on the stage at the topless bar my friends and I would stop by for lunch. And happy hour. Back when Coldplay was cool and Type O Negative was hot. 

Anyway. I’m off the grid right now. Conversations kill, indeed. When more has been said than done and when others can justify it, well, I can easily move from having done a ton to being done. 


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