Hello old friend, Fear

A recruiter started calling all my friends in the industry a few weeks ago.  They said they were hiring for (my position) at (my company).

My good friend called me in a panic. And I now call him my good friend because he was terrified I had gotten the boot and he wanted to make sure I was ok. 

I’m ok. It’s a newly created position not in my department. And my own official title is the same title I’ve had for 20 years that isn’t accurate given “other duties as assigned” IS my job. 

But it’s a sad commentary on my industry that so many of us who actually know what the fuck we are doing get exiled for no other reason than someone dislikes paying us what they decided to offer us. Not that it’s even anything to brag about, in most cases. But that’s another entry for never. 

I hate feeling so insecure. I mean it was good of my friend to think about me. And he probably would have found a way to throw me some work, if not hire me outright, in the junior position he has open. 

But thrilling as that sounds, it sucks to know that no matter how hard you work or how good you are at it, you’re disposable. Meanwhile the world’s dumbest and/or least productive never seem to be in jeopardy. 

Every company has two kinds of employees. The ones who do it all and the ones who watch them. And it kills my friends and me that being in the first category is something to worry about at all times. 

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