My goodness, where has this week gone? Busy, busy lil bee over here. That’s a good thing, I guess. That means it’s executive summary time!

1. I am voting for Hillary Clinton in 21 months, because she will get the Democratic nomination and damn it, she should. She should run with John Edwards. I don’t know if this country is ready for a woman president or an African-American one (as I do adore Barack Obama, too), but as I heard today, Hillary’s the man for the job. And besides, she can appoint all the other great candidates to her Cabinet, and in that, I have hope for America.

2. “Pursuit of Happyness.” Loved it. You’ve got to see it. My heart was so broken by the time the ending came around, I sat and cried through the credits. Unfortunately, I went back to the theater I abhor so much and the idiots turned on all the lights during the credits and waited for us to leave. I hate that shit. I sat there with them glowering at me, and I snarled at them on my way out. In any event, the only thing missing from the movie for me was more about his career development, although I think they may have kept that hidden so that you wouldn’t expect the ending. But as some of us knew how his life turned out, it would’ve been neat to see more. One can only hope for a director’s cut someday!

3. Is it a sign when you keep missing somebody’s calls? I really want to be available for them, yet we keep leaving messages for each other. Weird. Is it that you need to work hard to get what you want, or that you shouldn’t sweat it if it doesn’t come easily because there’s something else waiting in the wings? The mind boggles.

4. One of my buddies said she’s never seen me so happy as I’ve been lately. Apparently sunshine becomes me. 😉

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