I worked at HQ for a change on Friday. I loved it. 

I received a steady stream of visitors and hugs. Had productive meetings. Got the gossip. Laughed a lot. 

The one thing everyone says about me, other than that I write the funniest e-mails, is that the miss hearing my laughter through the halls. 

That’s how people knew I was there. I was laughing. 

I said to my one friend, you know what? I don’t laugh anymore at work. 

I mean sure, I chuckle as I work with people I like over instant messenger. But everyone is remote and it’s just me and one other person in the room now. 

Funny how everyone appears to like me but that one. Clearly they missed the “goddess is awesome” memo. 

I wonder if I should return to HQ or whether I should just enjoy feeling special when I visit. Which clearly I need to do more often. 

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