Happy Crappy New Year

A week ago, I left work to find a note sticking out of my car door, with an e-mail address and an enthusiastic “E-mail me!” scrawled on it. Clever boy put it right where the lock is, too; lord knows it’s dark when I wander outside.

I did e-mail back, although it took me a day to do so. I haven’t heard a whisper of a response since. Oh well. I had no idea who it was anyway; I usually pull in like a bat going into outta hell, and with my little personalized plate (the whole office complex knows I’m a blogger), I’m sort of hard to miss. It’s kind of like with my cats — just because they’re hiding their faces, they think I can’t see them. 😉 Apparently, I got noticed even in my perennial oblivion!

I assume he might work for a different company, although I admit, I was reading our corporate newsletter yesterday and realized that, after a full year of working there, I don’t know more than 10 people!

I was hoping he was cute, but now I s’pose we’ll never know. …

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