Everyone else is posting photos of all the presents under their tree. All I have under my tree is a motion-activated bird that tweets every time the car goes near it. Because, fragile ornaments. 

What’s sad is that the thud muffins upstairs are banging shit around so hard, the bird is tweeting up a storm. And we have really high ceilings. 

Right now I’m watching Dish’s “crackling fireplace” channel and detoxing from the three spirits that visited me last night in the form of Amarone and two bottles of Pinot. 

I’m also reading up on how Americans are leaning left politically again. It’s a great read. 

I used to be a democratic centrist. I even registered as an independent a couple times. But post Bush the Younger, I’m a democrat again

It’s mostly my way of balancing the tug o war with the batshit wing of the other party. 

There is no such thing as being a centrist anymore. You have to lean all the way left in order to achieve any sort of compromise. I’m not compromising from the middle. Glad to see some of my favorite Washingtonians see it my way. 

On Faceypages, I looked up a girl I used to babysit. She was horrible. Pretty little girl but very mean. Loud and obnoxious and violent. 

She grew up physically beautiful. Has three kids now who look like her. But man, the mouth on her. 

Her husband died a couple months ago but that did nothing to humble her. 

She grew up poor like I did. Got a good job like I did. And instead of having any respect for our moms — who never had a pot to piss in and still don’t — she rages against the poor. 

She’s a pharmacist. And her company lets them, at their discretion, not charge the most indigent customers. 

Instead of shutting her stupid mouth, among all her wacky conservative bullshit postings she laughs and says she would charge the poor folks more if she could. 

I can’t wrap my head around her. Other than to say she’s just like all my former friends who vote for trickle-down economics. And we all know how THAT turned out. 

In any event, you’d think losing your husband would soften you a little. But once a bitch, always a bitch. 

I’m glad I turned out the way I did. I just wish I were the one shaping three young minds and not her. 

In any event, it’s 9 am and day drinking is next on my agenda. Cheers, Jesus. And sorry this is what your world looks like. 

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