‘Hallelujah and holy shit’

Tuesday Tunage: Bon Jovi, “Hallelujah”

I work from home in the mornings because I can either be the first car in the lot at work or the last, not both. And yet, thanks to Craptastic Comcast, I get to be both. WHEE!

In other EPIC FAIL news, yesterday morning started with a comedy of errors that prevented us from hitting the hard-and-fast deadline. At five minutes past deadline, I started getting polite inquiries about why all was quiet. I blame it on Comcast, and nobody ever questions it because everyone knows COMCAST BLOWS.

Today, I had no Internet AT ALL. Rebooted everything, unplugged everything — nothin’. I had slept in (a whopping 15 minutes), so I had to scrub mah butt at lightning speed and turn a 40-minute. rush hour commute into 30 minutes. (It ended up being 27. Bitches.)

Nothing much else to write home about. I loved the dude on “American Idol” who did the rock version of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” last night. Nobody on the show really stands out yet; I can’t remember any of their names. (All right, I looked him up: David Cook.)

Well, I do know the flaming fruit loop (Danny Noriega), mostly because he was the hot topic on Hot 99.5 today because there’s apparently a Christmas video of him saying everyone deserves coal and their mothers to be raped. Awesome. He’s special. All that rage isn’t healthy. And he isn’t that talented, either, so someone please explain to him that enjoying assholes and BEING “the shit” are completely different things.

Anyway, then there was dreadlock-boy on “Idol” (Jason Castro) who did Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I’ll tell you what, he got mad props from the judges, but I was like, meh. I love that song. I mean, psychotically LOVE that song. SilverBlue had sent me Bon Jovi’s version of the song and, I’ll tell you what, that’s the version to beat. (Although I do have to give Jeff Buckley the credit for setting the bar very high for covers of that song.)

Well, that’s about as much interestingness that I can muster for now. Which is probably no more or less than usual. 🙂

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