Hail (virgin) mary

I probably spend far more time analyzing situations than others do. It’s because I don’t know what I don’t know — and that includes what others are actually thinking.

I’ve never in my life asked to do less work. But with working from home a benefit that has ceased of late, I am working later and it’s screwing up my home life in a big way.

Last night I missed my shot to pick up the ham I ordered. And they have extended holiday hours. (I had to get up stupid-early to get it today. And got stuck in traffic because people are idiots.)

So with nowhere to go and nothing to lose, I threw a hail mary pass and asked to maybe replace some of next week’s projects with some others. Because usually I have to do those extra projects on my free time (nights/weekends). And it’s Christmas and I’d like to see my mom while I still have her. As she reminds me, everyone else gets to eat with their families.

My suggestion to replace A with B was not met with success. I didn’t get it and it dawned on me later that folks must have thought I was trying to do less.

But that wasn’t really the thing. It was more like wanting to knock out things that have been on the to-do list all year (research, writing reports, hiring help) that required blocks of time and therefore get shoved aside for all the other stuff that’s more urgent.

Because when I get asked (and rightfully so) about those OTHER things, I get apoplectic. I’m already apoplectic after that fucked-up election and the fact that Russia helped install a demagogue into our presidency. I would like a little peace where I can get it.

In any event, I got what I really wanted out of it, which was a n upcoming restoration of remote access. It’s not the “good” access but it will certainly do for now. And that I might actually get to have a hot meal with my mom again is the real win.

Some people want houses and marriages and kids and trips and TVs and “stuff.” I just want time. And health. And since you don’t get “extra” of either, to maximize the current allotment.

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