Hail Mary full of rage

I got to thinking about the asshole couple upstairs that beats on/screams at each other … and their two kids.

I also got to thinking about some others who have caused me stress. Or rather who I stressed out over. God knows they probably had no clue.

And I got to thinking about a whole lot of summers ago when I snuffed out what could have been a life from my own body.

I always feel like I owe him/her so much. That I have to live well and make something of my life.

To make it worthwhile that I’m spending my time with useful others, doing useful things.

That I didn’t give him/her up just to waste time with those who were lucky (too lucky) to make it to the world. When he/she wasn’t.

Yeah. Not so much.

If the haters and anti-choicers are right and you are indeed a murderer … well.

When you’ve already taken the life of someone you would have loved, why should you have to waste time with people who aren’t worthy of your presence?

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